Meet the RCSaylors, Nate & Abby, a Husband & Wife RC Team!

After graduating college and marrying his best friend, Nate stumbled into a hobby that quickly turned into a passionate career. Nate is a skilled aerial camera pilot with many years of experience flying RC vehicle of all kinds such as RC planes and RC jets.  Visit for more information on their business ventures.  Read on as Nate gives us the rundown on how he and his wife Abby became awesome RC enthusiasts! 



Abby and I got started in the remote control hobby almost by complete accident! We were casually looking for a hobby that we could share together, and after a few failed attempts, watched a few YouTube videos to decide which RC's we should buy. Then we decided to make our own video for fun and just see if anyone would watch it. Sure enough, the views started coming in! You know, like 25 views/month!


~Check out the awesome Atomik Barbwire RTR RC Boat Unboxing by the RCSaylors!~ 


After a few months, it started to pick up and we thought we might be on to something. Not only were we having a blast getting to explore some awesome areas around town that we wouldn't have ever known about otherwise, but we were getting to make memories of those days with the videos and getting to share it with the world, for anyone willing to watch our shenanigans.


Most days, it seems like Abby enjoys the RC portion of the hobby more than me, especially the ground vehicles such rc cars and hopped-up rc trucks!  I really enjoy making the videos, as it gives me something productive to do and I have something to be proud of when I'm finished. We firmly believe that people and things can be entertaining while being wholesome and good for the family without all the vulgarities that we're surrounded by in the world today. We also plan to stick to our guns, and just have fun with it and see where it all takes us!



Abby and I are very new to the rc hobby overall, with only nearing our second year now, but we make more and more friends every day, and couldn't be happier doing anything else! Feel free to stop by our channel, and be sure to say "hi" if you do!




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