Venom Releases the Venom Stronghold Solo Battery Charging Containment System


Venom is proud to bring you The Venom Stronghold Solo, the ultimate solution for safe battery charging for hobbyists and RC enthusiasts. Safety charge your LiPO, NiMH, and LiFE RC Batteries.

Venom Stronghold Solo Battery Charging Containment System

This heavy-duty stamped aluminum box minimizes potential damage and features a shatterproof polycarbonate window for visual monitoring of your battery packs during charging or discharging. The Stronghold Solo comes with a long lead balance block, allowing seamless operation with a charger of your choice (Not Included). The Stronghold Solo was designed to help contain fire and gasses by dissipating the pressures at a controlled rate and is rated for lithium batteries up to 60-watt hours. Never before has it been safer to charge your battery. Get some piece of mind… get a Stronghold Solo.

*NOTE: The use of the Venom Stronghold Solo does not eliminate the risk of a lithium polymer battery fire. Users should always follow the safety warnings, instructions and guidelines provided by their battery and charger manufacturers in connection with this product.


Dimensions: 9.25x6x4.25in (235x154x108 mm)
Weight: 1.9 lbs
Max Battery Size: 60 Watt
Balance Block: 2-6S JST XH. Extra long leads. (Compatible w/ Pro Charger, Stronghold 25A, and Venom Medion Dual 10A charger.)


  • Heavy-duty stamped aluminum case
  • Aluminum carry handle
  • Designed to contain LiPO packs up to 60-watt hours
  • Balance block with extra long leads
  • Hinged lid with polycarbonate window for easy battery observation
  • Rubber feet protect the surface it rests upon
  • Positive snap latch makes it a great carrying case for batteries
  • Reusable – does not require replacement like a LiPO charge sack.

The Venom Stronghold Solo is rated for Lithium Polymer batteries up to 60-Watt Hours:

Cells Voltage Maximum Capacity Watt Hours
2S 7.4V 8000mAh 59.20
3S 11.1V 5400mAh 59.94
4S 14.8V 4000mAh 59.20
5S 18.5V 3200mAh 59.20
6S 22.2V 2700mAh 59.94

Part #0672  |  Venom Stronghold Solo Charge Box | Retail: $69.99
*Note: Retail Prices are for US Customers Only

Venom products can be found at hobby shops throughout the U.S. and over forty-five countries worldwide.

For more information on the Venom Stronghold Solo Battery Charging Containment System, visit Venom online at: or email us at

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