So you want to be a sponsored driver? Part 3: The Track Manager: Bubba Barham, Flowood Indoor RC Park.

Everyone that races remote control vehicles at some point would like to have the much-coveted Sponsorship.  My name is Bubba Barham and I run the Flowood RC Indoor Park in Flowood Mississippi. I run a race track first and am a racer second.  I see a lot of things that the racers never notice.  Attitudes, behaviors and actions, however irrelevant to the you at that time, can have a massive effect on how you’re perceived at the track, which can translate in to a lost opportunity if your best representation is not always being put forward. As someone told me once, we do not give out sponsorships based solely on how good someone is at racing.  The companies that are looking to sponsor drivers/racers are looking for something in return.  It needs to work both ways.  If I were the person making the decisions to offer sponsorships, I would want someone with integrity, someone who helps others, who presents himself in a professional manner at all times.  I would want someone who would view my products as the best and be able to communicate that to others.  Companies don’t hand out sponsorships unless they get something in return and if they offer a sponsorship you need to provide that “something in return.”

My sponsors are Venom, TLR, Spektrum, Tekin, and AKA.  I feel it is an extreme privilege to have each of these companies put their faith in my abilities as a racer and promoter.  I am certainly not the fastest racer at the track and I was not given my sponsorships because of my racing ability.  I am proud to be sponsored and I do everything I can to present myself the way each of these companies would want me to, always asking myself, “How can I help promote their products?”

I think the sponsored individual should do everything in their power to help increase the sales for the companies they represent.  They should communicate with management and keep them informed in what is going on in their individual markets.  What is the competition doing?  What are the new hot items in the market place?  Are there any problems out there that need solutions?

It’s the answers to questions like these that will make your sponsorship valuable to the company doing the sponsoring. The clearer you are in answering these questions, the more likely you will obtain the coveted “100% sponsorship”. This is a partnership where both parties should benefit. If the relationship is one sided, you can most certainly expect your sponsorship to not last.


Bubba Barham
Flowood R/C Indoor Park

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