Metal Mulisha RC Dirtbike Review on RC Driver

Shortly after reading the October 2012 Issue of RC Driver I headed down to my local HobbyTown USA in Centennial, Colorado to see what I needed for my latest project.  When I walked through the door, one of the employees told me they had just gotten in the new Atomik RC Brian Deegan MM 450 Dirt Bike, the same bike that Paul Onorato had review on page 60 of the latest issue of RC Driver.  We proceeded to talk and they offered to let me take the bike for a spin.  I admit I was a bit timid at first, I have had other RC motorcycles in the past and I have broken my fair share of parts trying to perform the delicate balancing act of trying to keep the bike up on two wheels.  At the same time I also had flashbacks of the magazine article and Paul indicating that with a little practice driving the bike became easier and that even with some horrific wrecks the bike stood up to the abuse, so I said “let’s do it!”

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