Today the new Whiplash 24 from Atomik showed up at my door!

Features of the Atomik Whiplash 24″ Electric RTR RC Boat:

  • 2200kv Brushless motor
  • 50a water cooled water proof ESC
  • water cooled motor
  • micro servo
  • water resistant radio box
  • 2200 20c lipo battery and charger.

At first glance:

Along with the elegant styling of the hull the “All American” red, white, and blue graphics were immediately visually grabbing.
Unlike the more conventional vacuum formed plastic hulls, the blow molded plastic construction can be deceiving. Its “seamless” construction has every bit of the quality of a composite hull.
The six screw radio box is a great feature for an added barrier of protection. Included lipo battery, charger plus AA batteries make this package a True RTR.

On the water:

The Whiplash got up on plane quickly with little cavitation. The boat planes out level with zero porpoise, or ill handling characteristics.
Supplied 2.4g radio provides plenty of range, and is responsive as any kit supplied radio on the market. This is a stable boat. Giving a little too much right at speed will spin you out, but to be expected from a boat of this nature. I ran the boat rigorously trying to capsize it in relatively calm water and couldn’t.
Now for the part you guys like… — Speed This is an honest and true 30+mph boat out of the box. Mild enough not to intimidate a beginner or child, but fast enough to hold the interest of an experienced boater.


Geared towards the novice boater, the Whiplash 24 from Atomik is a wonderful choice. Great first boat. Reliable, stable, great speed. Durable construction.
This boat is an ideal way to get someone with no equipment into miniature power boating. Nothing to figure out, kit comes absolutely complete, nothing more to buy.
Just charge her up, install your AA batteries and go! This boat is appealing to both the novice boater and experienced boater alike.

Learn More at and you can check me out on the homepage with the Atomik ARC that helped me win 1st Place in the Dist. 9 Regional Championships!
Submitted and Written by: Bill Oxidean

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