May 09, 2014


Meet the RCSaylors, Nate & Abby, a Husband & Wife RC Team!

  Abby Saylor, of Husband & Wife RC Enthusiast team the RCSaylors, getting ready to fly!  "We firmly believe that people and things can be entertaining while being wholesome and good for the family without all the vulgarities that we're surrounded by in the world today," states Nate Saylor.
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April 29, 2014

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Venom Group Pro Driver Bill Oxidean on Getting Started in the RC Boat Racing Scene

Even as a pro driver, Bill gives credit where credit is due, "I learn something valuable at every race, mostly from my experience but often from other racers."  RC boat racing is one of the most mysterious forms. Where do I race? How do I get started? What do I need? What happens if I get in someone's way? Is my boat fast enough? What happens if it flips? In this section of my blog I'll answer these valid questions. View full article →
December 12, 2013


November 25, 2013


October 02, 2013


The Will of a Champion: Austin Wright

The Will of a Champion

By Jeff Simon

At the furthest most tip of Florida’s panhandle, you’ll find Pensacola, containing one of our Nations greatest Naval Air Bases, beautiful beaches, and a young champion by the name of Austin Wright. View full article →
September 11, 2013


How Good Do You Want To Be? — First Year Venom Team Pilot Paul Peterson gives you the inside scoop.

How Good Do You Want To Be?
The first year of racing RC cars and what I had to overcome.
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June 03, 2013


You Too Can Be Flying This Summer!

You know you’ve been eyeballing those RC planes at your local hobby shop or favorite web site. View full article →
April 22, 2013


So You Want to be a Sponsored Driver? Part 4: Your Local Hobby Shop: Hobbymasters Inc, Red Bank, NJ

Rounding out our “So You Want to be a Sponsored Driver?” series of articles are the words of Alan Placer, Manager of the RC division at Hobbymasters in Red Bank, New Jersey. He’ll be giving us a better understanding of how our local hobby shop plays into the world of sponsorship and gives solid advice to those looking for a leg up in the RC race world. Read on to hear Alan’s take on sponsorship… View full article →
April 15, 2013


So you want to be a sponsored driver? Part 3: The Track Manager: Bubba Barham, Flowood Indoor RC Park.

Furthering our series of articles on becoming a sponsored driver, we move on to your local track manager/operator and how he sees potential sponsorship applicants. View full article →
March 29, 2013


So you want to be a sponsored driver? Part 2 (cont.): Team Driver Chris Blais.

As promised, here is our second driver article for our series on becoming a sponsored driver. This time, we see the view from a driver that originally started in motorcross and transitioned into RC very successfully based on his prior sponsorship experience. Keep reading to hear his story…

What it takes to be a Sponsored Driver

By: Chris Blais

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